Snuggletime Healthtex Mattress

Snuggletime Healthtex Mattress

Healthtex is the only fabric that offers a complete barrier to bacteria and mites. Dust mites breed and feed in foam which can release toxins and aggravate conditions such as asthma, conjunctivitis, eczema, and rhinitis. Healthtex forms a waterproof barrier to protect the mattress and your baby.




  • Ventilated foam mattress with full depth¬†ventilation holes
  • Covered in specialised HTX membrane¬†covering
    • Anti-allergy
    • Breathable
    • Waterproof
  • Size Guide:
Mattress SizeLength (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)
Standard Cot118568
Large Cot132668
Standard Campcot95668
Large Campcot104737.5
Combinette Cot114868
Pram/Safety Nest30633

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