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  • Total confidence, Absolute protection.
  • A wider pad to prevent side leakage.
  • Extra length for more comfort.
Carriwell maternity pads have been specifically designed for absolute comfort and protection. A longer, wider, thicker pad offers added protection, comfort and absorption. We recommend purchasing at least 3 to 4 packs of 12 maternity pads before going into hospital to give birth. You will need to pack at least two to three packs in your hospital bag depending on how many packs the hospital provides you with, and then a few more packs for use when you return home. Every woman experiences vaginal bleeding after giving birth, even if you have had a caesarean. This bleeding is known as lochia, and is a combination of mucous, tissue and blood that your womb sheds as it replaces its lining after you’ve given birth. Post birth bleeding may last for a while: Although the degree of bleeding varies from person to person, it typically lasts between 24 to 36 days, however don’t be alarmed if it continues a little longer. Bleeding will start off heavy with a red to browny red color, and will gradually become lighter in color and flow over time.
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Carriwell Maternity Pads