Spectra Handsfree Collection Cups


Convert your Spectra pump to handsfree with these genius collection cups that fit into your bra.

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  • Have both hands free
  • Fits comfortably into your bra
  • BPA-free with backflow protection for hygienic expression
  • Compatible with all electric Spectra Breast Pumps
  • Easily change between flange/bottle or handsfree
  • Save time and focus on other things while the pump does all the heavy lifting
The Spectra Handsfree Collection Cups connect to your Spectra Breast Pump instead of the usual flange and bottle, so that you can express with both hands free. Now you can work, do chores, or take care of baby all while expressing. The cups are lightweight and comfortable, and fit snug in your bra. Each cup can store up to 250ml, and the milk is easily poured into a bottle for storage or feeding. The cups also feature backflow prevention and BPA-free parts. You have full control over how you express, as you can easily change between the traditional flange/bottle setup and handsfree. Compatible with the Spectra S1, S2, and Q.
  • 2 Collection Cups (250ml each)
  • 2 Flanges (2 sizes available)
  • 2 Silicone Valves
  • 2 Silicone Valve Connectors
  • 2 Backflow Protectors (membrane and cap)
  • 2 Tubing

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Spectra Handsfree Collection Cups