Spectra Breast Shield Set


A full replacement set for the Spectra Breast Pumps

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  • Different breast shield sizes available
  • All-in-one replacement set
  • Easy to replace
The Spectra Breast Shield Set contains all the attachments you need for your breast pump, including a flange, a duckbill silicone valve, a backflow protector and some spare tubing. We recommend replacing your parts every 3-6 months for optimal use. Use the Spectra Breast Shield Set to replace parts that have worn over time, or to keep an extra set on hand. The Spectra Breast Shield set is compatible with the Spectra S1, S2 and Q breast pumps.
  • 1 Breast Shield
  • 1 Silicone Valve
  • 1 Tubing
  • 1 Backflow Protector

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Spectra Breast Shield Set