Practical Purchasing Guide

This guide is designed to help you save time and money. We’re not going to encourage you to buy expensive items that you’ll never need. We want to help you prioritise the items you need based on your personal budget.

This guide is just an outline. If you are interested in a more personalised custom guide based on your lifestyle and needs within your personal budget, click below.

Starter Packs

These starter packs are specially designed for your maternity and newborn needs in the first few weeks of this new adventure.

Less is more at this stage. Your baby has been surrounded by fluid for the past 9 months and so a gentle approach is advised. Each of these starter packs have been designed with this in mind.


There is a large range of products to suit your needs in and after hospital. Maternity panties and bras are essential for comfort. Maternity pads are suitable for postnatal bleeding. Certain clinics will ask you to bring linen savers with you but these can also be helpful around the home. Nipple cream and breast pads help avoiding cracked and painful nipples. 


Some of the most important toiletries include wet wipes, baby bum cream and moisturisers.

Bedroom and Nursery - Cots and Compactums

Each bedroom is unique and you may need different items based on the size of the room and your budget.

Bedding and Linen

It is essential that your bedding is safe and breathable for your baby. This will prevent your baby from rolling over onto his or her tummy and not being able to breathe. We also advocate for cot life wedges so that your baby sleeps at a slight angle to prevent any reflux or vomiting.

The Healthtex System is an excellent system designed with safety in mind. We strongly recommend these products as their products are breathable, waterproof and it doesn’t allow an excess amount of heat buildup. 

Bedroom and Nursery - Accessories and Devices

We strongly recommend purchasing a baby monitor. Medical aids often include certain products as a part of your benefits. Click below if you are interested in buying baby monitors and breast pumps through your medical aid benefits.