Grobag Steppee 6 to 18 Months

Grobag Steppee 6 to 18 Months

Does your toddler wake up ready to play? The Steppee gives your little one the freedom to walk, jump and play whilst also keeping them cosy all night long. You can choose to have feet in or out with the Steppee. It has comfy foot covers which tuck feet in and have grippy soles to keep little ones from slipping and sliding. Made from super soft machine-washable cotton-rich fabric, with easy zip access for nappy changes. It is a ‘healthy hip product’ so be reassured that your little one is able to sleep in a comfortable healthy hip position. This natural frog-legged position is important for correct hip development. Our sleepwear comes in a range of designs that grow with your baby from newborn to active toddler, to help keep your little one at a safe and comfortable temperature every night. Whether you prefer something fashion-forward from our Monde collection or enjoy sleepy cuddle time with characters from the Grofriends collection, there are three great fabric collections for you to choose from. We’re here to make life with your baby just a little bit easier every day… and night. From cosy sleepwear and room thermometers to friendly night lights, we’re here to help ensure your baby enjoys safer, longer sleep and sweet dreams. Because when they have a good night’s sleep, everyone else does too.



Perfect for active little ones – using a baby sleep bag is safer than loose covers. The Steppee is especially designed with legs, it gives you all the comfort and safety of a sleepbag but allows your child to walk, jump and play without having to remove it. Hip healthy – specially designed to allow a natural hip-healthy leg position. All our Grobags are designed to be reassuringly snug on top while allowing for a natural leg position on the bottom. Easy nappy changes – all our products have an easy zip opening that’s perfect for night-time nappy changes, meaning you can keep them cosy and warm at the top, but can unzip from the bottom for a quick-change keeping disturbance to a minimum Super soft cotton-rich fabric – made for comfort our steppee is designed using soft cotton-rich fabric, fluorescent free, better for baby Safer sleep is better sleep – keeping your child at a safe temperature while sleeping is essential. All our products have been safety tested and approved giving you reassurance and your baby a comfortable safe night’s sleep. Available in a range of fabric designs from every night classic designs to Monde and Grofriend special collections Size guide – two sizes available 6-18m or 18-36m Available Togs – Choose the correct tog to suit your room temperature. Available in 0.2, 1.0 and 2.5 tog Room Temperature guide – suitable for room temperatures between 14-27C with the correct tog. What to wear – always make sure you dress your baby in the correct clothing to suit your room temperature, see our packs for guidance.


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