Anybody Designs

AnyBody Designs is a Body Casting Studio focused on capturing those special moments in your life and turning them into a 3-Dimensional Art Piece.

We create Unique Custom-Made casts of your body. This includes baby hands and feet, couple or family hand moulds, male or female torso, and pregnancy casts, etc.

The cast can be viewed on a daily bases and is a reminder of a moment captured. The 3D form of a body cast/mould provides an expierence that you can’t get from a photograph or that can’t get lost on a hard drive somewhere. It becomes a family heirloom.

As a mother of two, I have a passion for the pregnant form. Preserving the shape of a pregnant woman’s body through a belly mould or a full torso cast is a wonderful memory of the life growing inside her body. A pregnant belly cast can be turned into a bowl or hung on the wall.” Sam Hall, Artist.

The Art Pieces are made from materials that are safe for the skin and eco-friendly. All pieces are finished in standard white paint. Custom designs and colours can be discussed and finalized at an additional cost. The casting process takes 30-60 minutes to complete, with the finishing done at the studio.

AnyBody Designs is about Everyone, it does not judge, nor require a certain look, it’s about individuality.